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Prescription Discount Club
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Large Businesses: Let your customers know you care about them. Feel free to link to our site or contact us today for a private label program.

Associations and Charity Organizations: We would be honored to have any Associations or Charity Organizations provide their members with free access to our free discount prescription drug card. Feel free to link to our site or contact us today for a private label program to show you care.

Insurance Brokers and Agents: Would you like to provide your clients with an added value benefit at no additional cost? Please consider offering free access to our discount prescription drug card at any time. This is a great program to set you ahead of the rest. Feel free to link to our site or contact us for a private label program.

State, City, County, Parish or Municipality: We can provide access to this free drug card for your population area. We can also provide marketing materials and hard cards for you to distribute at all public establishments. This is yet another great program to offer your state/city/county/parish/municipality. Please contact us today.

Website Owners: Do you own a website for low income, senior citizen, pharmacy, or health related audiences? Feel free to add our link to your site at anytime. Please contact us today for other ideas.


Prescription medication was consuming my finances until I got this card. My entire family is now utilizing it and I am pleased every time I hear about my savings. It has truly taken the pressure off in this tough economy.

Mike L.

I received this card and thought for sure it would never work. I mean it was free! I had a $53 prescription for my daughter so I walked into CVS right by my house and handed the card to the pharmacist along with my prescription. He came back and said $16. I was shocked, what could be better than that? Thanks prescription discount club!

Jerry S.

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